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Jess Marwood


Jess is a warm and bubbly physio has a keen interest in all things musculoskeletal, especially complex and persistent pain.

She loves to treat with a holistic focus on integrating the biomechanical issues with explaining how pain works, so her patients feel empowered to understand and help themselves.

Jess is also a qualified Women's Health Physiotherapist, and can help with all things pelvic floor, with a particular interest in female sexual pain.  She offers core and floor appointments, with the use of either ultrasound, or an internal pelvic floor assessment.  Pelvic floor issues, weakness or hypertonicity often occur during or after pregnancy, but also with  long term lower back or pelvic pain for both men and women.  It is wonderful to offer these services at FLEX, all under the same roof.

Jess has worked with the Queensland NPL soccer and with the PGA golf, and has now discovered she really likes working with athletes of all shapes and sizes.

Jess completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland, and has gained most of her 5 years of experience working in sunny Queensland private practice.

A country kid who grew up in south west Queensland, Jess loves the outdoors, so getting out into beautiful Tasmania for camping, hiking, and exploring with her hubby and dog keeps her spare time busy! Outside this, she also enjoys Parkrun, futsal, social netball, as well as running with her highly energetic pup.

At FLEX we are excited to have Jess on board, her passion, experience and specialty skills are an asset to our clients, and she's always got a smile on her face and a bounce in her step to brigthen your day.